Creating Outdoor Spaces for Living Green

A new revolution is happening right now. How it is so?  It’s because architects, engineers, and landscape designers shift towards a new paradigm in building outdoor spaces. With the imminent threat of climate change and pollution, more and more Sydney homeowners are segregating trash, turning kitchen waste into compost, reusing gray water, and collecting rainfall in drums. They are recognizing the importance of making choices that will help reduce environmental harm and ultimately, protect our only planet. This is called sustainable living or “living green”.

This lifestyle change is making its way into how spaces are being designed nowadays. From the interior details, electrical and plumbing, to the flora and fauna that surrounds the home, the tenets of ecological design or eco design are being considered. This requires the conscious consideration of how one’s home and the people who live in it continue to impact the environment from construction to habitation of a property. As such, people turn to landscape designers to help them build gardens, patios, lawns, and backyards that are both functional and synchronous with nature.

Ecological design though can be difficult to implement especially if you lack the expertise and experience. It would be so easy to purchase nice pieces of wood for your patio, for example, only to realize later on that they have been illegally logged. Some home gardening products claim to be environment-friendly but in reality, they are made of toxic substances. To avoid these situations, it is important to talk to reliable landscapers who carry reputable suppliers and experience. They know eco design and it begins with the kind of materials used for landscaping. Knowing the source is always crucial. They can help homeowners determine the type of material, where it came from, and how it was harvested or acquired. This information is obtained from suppliers that are environmentally-compliant. These businesses usually carry certifications issued by reputable agencies and organizations.

Landscape designers who advocate “green living” look at outdoor spaces beyond their aesthetic value. They consider functionality, practicality, and most of all, the overall impact it makes in our ecosystem. They help families create that backyard for a weekend barbecue or a kitchen garden that can grow herbs and vegetables. But they also encourage the use of organic items and pieces that are upcycled and recycled.  They think about solutions and ideas that will produce the least waste and pollution which our planet needs less as of right now.