About Us

This Provomarketing blog was created with the idea of reaching out to our customers on a personal level. We want to develop a casual and comfortable relationship with you. This is because we are aware that plenty of companies nowadays have become too impersonal. We want to show you a side of the company that you do not always see and that is the fact that it is run by regular people just like you.

Every single one of our authors and contributors is part of our company. We also want you to know that you are also part of us. For this reason, we intend to keep close ties with you through our contributors/authors and their work. Their posts can cover many topics; some may talk about our products or services, others can be about some events in their daily lives that they feel are worth sharing. Perhaps the greatest thing about this blog is the opportunity for us to communicate with you.

Your comments are welcome, and we will be more than happy to hear from you. The more responses that we get, the better we feel because it gives us the feedback which we need to show us the path that we should take, as a company and as we develop our products/services.