SEO and SEM: The Difference

We often hear about SEO and SEM. Do these two function in the same way? Should you use one or both? SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process by which a website is made more visible when one searches the internet through unpaid or organic search results. The higher you are ranked in search results, the more likely your website or web page will be visited. SEO can target various types of searches from image search to video, local or even academic searches. SEO is an important online marketing strategy, which has the capability to look into the manner in which search engine works and what people are actually searching online. SEM or Search Engine Marketing on the other hand is still a type of online market like SEO, which also involves website promotion by way of increasing its visibility in SERPs or search engine result pages as well as in advertising campaigns. SEO’s are sometimes used by SEMs in order to achieve higher ranking. Website contents are often adjusted and re-written in order reach higher views.

It is estimated that in North America alone advertisers spent over US$19 billion for SEM for the year 2012. Among the largest SEM vendors include Google and AdWords. Both SEO and SEM offer very important functions in building your company’s online presence. Enjoy optimum online presence with the use of both SEO and SEM in your online marketing strategy. It is not enough that your business can be seen over the internet. What is more important is to enjoy better exposure as well as higher visibility for your intended audience. Good online advertising strategy through search engine marketing will provide your business better exposure depending on the market you are targeting. It uses different types of tactics that can effectively influence many consumers’ purchase decisions.

SEO is a powerful tool for both big and small businesses. This system offers dependability especially for small businesses when it comes to creating clientele loyalty through the use of rich web content. Increase your sales with ads that can be placed through different links. As the number of your links increase, expect also to see your site occupy higher position in search engine rankings. This will often translate into more sales and better income for your company.

Enjoy better traffic to your site through the use of SEO and SEM – two online marketing systems that supplement the performance of each other allowing your business to reach a wide scope of your target market.

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